Tunes with Tate: Harry Styles’ ‘Affection on Tour’ is perhaps the best visit in years

I’ve been watching videos of his previous tour since it was happening in real time in 2017. Throughout the height of the pandemic when everyone was in quarantine, they were a source of joy and a preview of his next tour after things got back to normal. Finally seeing him live at my first concert since the start of the pandemic was one of the best feelings ever and is a significant reason why “Love on Tour” has been revolutionary.

With almost all, if not every one, of his shows being sold out pre-pandemic, ticket holders have been waiting to see Styles live since 2019. In addition, five of his 40 shows were scheduled at Madison Square Garden, two of which are part of ‘Harryween’ and are on October 30 and 31. All five shows are sold out, with 100,000 tickets sold in total. As a result, Styles has received the Golden Ticket Award from Madison Square Garden, making him the first artist of the 21st century to do so — something only Fleetwood Mac, Elton John and Bon Jovi have previously accomplished. Not to mention, all of the tickets were sold out in a month.

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